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what I really want to do is make perfume

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , , on July 19, 2008 by scentedwench

Instead, I’ve done the following today:

1.  cook and pickle three pounds of beets
2.  bake a plum crumb cake
3.  fry up a batch of black beans
4.  groom Daisy with the furminator brush for a half hour (we yielded two cats’ worth of hair)
5.  prep a sack of peppers for pickling
6.  cook a batch of Spanish rice
7.  cook a pot of black beans for future dishes

All the while, the dude is,

1.  doing dishes (two days’ worth, bless his little pointed head)
2.  doing laundry
3.  charging his car battery off one of our solar panels and whinging that the starter might be toast in his buttless wondercar
4.  rewiring some stuff so we can run the kitchen radio solely on solar

We did the farmers’ market this morning.  One we have never been to.  Hence the beets.

I think I do more work on Saturday than I do during the week, sometimes.  I have to bake bread later, because I’ll be baking something else in the oven at that time, and why let the heat go to waste, eh.

We are very determined to make the most of our energy consumption when we do consume it, in our little abode.

At this point, the only things not running on solar in our apartment are: light fixtures mounted into walls and ceilings, the fridge, the computers, the tv.  We don’t watch much tv.  Everything else can be run off a solar-charged battery charger he actually got for the car battery when it craps out.  The bedside lamp in the bedroom was converted to power a LED harvested from another gadget, and is powered by an obsolete cell phone battery he figured out how to charge with a little solar doodad meant for charging a car battery from the dash.

We even solar-charge our cell phones with a rewiring trick.

But, I want to make perfume.

I even had a dream about a blend as I was waking this morning, with pomegranate absolute, some oleander, and jasmine.  A bunch of screaming divas distilled into a bottle of fruity floral fright, in other words.

He wants something made w/ the beautiful lavender concretes I got from Marcia a couple weeks ago, being a lavender kinda guy (me, I’m just pleased I can use him as a test subject).

The cats don’t give a rat’s patootie so long as they’re fed at regular intervals and one or both of us plays with them a couple times a day.

But, I want to make perfume.

Maybe tomorrow.  I hope!