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bread and baked goods

Posted in aromachology, natural aromatics with tags , , , , on May 18, 2008 by scentedwench

I was too beat to post last night, but it was on the tip of my brain to think a bit about foodie scents and their place in perfume.  Some folks call them ‘gourmand’.

Generally speaking, these are not odors I seek out, at all.  The idea of smelling like my aunt’s kitchen the after she’s baked apple strudel does not exactly blow my skirt up.  Likewise, the thought of smelling like a Hershey bar gives me the willies.

But… there’s the psychological effect of such smells, and I can board the train there.

Last night was baking night.  Bread for the next couple weeks, scones for the week, and I had hoped to crank out a batch of springerle, but was too tired to scrape the quikcrete-, I mean bread dough out of the Kitchen Aid bowl and off the mixing paddle.  Baking night is an occasion in my abode.  The dude either hangs out in the kitchen with the radio on, reading the newspaper, or is nearby in the living room, because the smells are too enticing and he’s a moth to my oven’s flame.  And the cats guard the oven.

Daisy Ernestine’s thing is bread with butter.  She likes the bread solo, but put a titch of butter on there and she’s a Feline Kitchen Goddess and Guardian of Breads.  Lucy Fuzzbutterson is more a scone puss.  If I make the Cheese Board Collective recipe that calls for buttermilk and cornmeal, she does a lot of pacing in the living room when she’s not waiting in the kitchen.

But what is it that draws us to these smells?  Even the cats view them as comfort.  The kitchen is warm, they can smell things being baked with butter and milk, and they like bread…  The dude is in the kitchen because he wants to burn his mouth on a scone (which he got to do, and then he promptly crashed while I waited for the bread to bake).

I’ve played a bit with foodable aromatics like butter CO2, honey and beeswax absolutes, hazelnut CO2, wheat absolute, cacao absolute and CO2, vanilla absolute and CO2, coffee, sweet spices like nutmeg and clove bud.  And then you get into a bevy of aromatics that are not foodable on their own, but when you pair them with other things they work magic.  Champaca smells of carrot cake if you blend it with rooibos absolute, for example.  Davana is like fruit punch if you mix it with citrus.

To date, only two perfumes in my repertoire are intentionally foodie, and even then they’re foodie as a stretch…  Pan Dulce and Cafe y Cacao.

I’ll be playing with edibles again, of course.  The universe of CO2 extractions makes it possible to use essences that are traditionally reserved for flavoring, for example.

If I could come up with a rust honey wheat bread perfume, it’d definitely be interesting.  I think I need to score some more wheat absolute for that, first.  And I wonder how the wearer would best utilize it.  Do you dab it behind your years in order to charm the guy who is looking for mom and a warm kitchen?  ‘How to Cook a Tart’ by Nina Kilham comes to mind about now 😉