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chocolate season is upon us!

Posted in Uncategorized on November 9, 2007 by scentedwench

Well, very nearly.

I visited the Global Exchange website to see what sorts of Theobroma cacao goodies they’d be offering up this holiday season, and it looks like truffles thus far.

You might say I have chocolate on the brain.

Holiday soaps are currently in production at some stage, being it firming up for unmolding, curing, waiting to be cut into bars.  And I did two chocolate batches because the one I did last year came out good.  This year it’ll be a chocolate mint and an orange chocolate w/ a hint of coffee.

Scharffen Berger chocolate is my pivotal ingredient in these.  Their ‘bittersweet’ baking chocolate, specifically.  Some soapers like to add cocoa powder.  Others prefer working with cocoa absolute.  I like to add the real tempered thing.  It seems to lather a bit less brown than the powder does, and I don’t have to worry about solubility and residual alcohol making a batch emulsify too quickly.

And I’m contemplating another chocolatey perfume.  You’d think three would be plenty, but had some odd dreams about coming up with one based on chocolate with green tea, another based on chocolate with lemon (lemon, sadly, is such a fleeting top note that I generally don’t work with it), and then a third based on chocolate and cepes absolute (I think this was a reworking of a leather accord I made based on these a couple years ago, possibly).

Soap-cutting starts tonight!  Yes, I procrastinated some.  But this is better than last year’s timing.

*off to get some coffee, and to see if I still have the stash of cocoa powder to kick it up a couple notches*