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Hemera, the last of the summer flowers

Posted in mandrake apothecary, natural perfumery, news, perfume on October 10, 2007 by scentedwench

Hemera is the primordial goddess of the day, and Nyx (primordial goddess of night) is her mother.

Her perfume is built around a heart accord of tuberose and violet leaf, bolstered by ambrette seed, and exalted by neroli and petitgrain.  This scent is reminiscent of the sensory overload that is the overgrown and wild summer flower garden, once summer has peaked and the nights are starting to regain that chill they have much of the year.

Hemera is part of our general lineup, and is based in crystal clear biodynamic alcohol.  This perfume began as a torrid blend of florals carried out last winter, which was confined to a bottle for aging several months, before some re-blending and more aging.

Like Nyx (also part of the general lineup), this perfume contains a goodly amount of tuberose absolute.  Tuberose is one of those overwhelming essences that has native peculiarities which can be teased out with accessory notes from other essences.  In Hemera’s case, the grassy green tone (which can otherwise be sensed high up in the nose) is brought to the fore, where it evokes grassy green overgrown hedges in the sun.  The violet leaf, which is green and rather dewy like cucumbers, teases out the green which lies dormant in the flower.