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it’s like shouting in the street

Posted in hubris, mandrake apothecary, news on May 7, 2007 by scentedwench

The time has come and gone for me to create a biz-related blog.  Which is to say, a blog related to my biz specifically.  I figure if customers are interested enough to read my Kitchen Sink Collective blog on a regular basis, I’d probably be doing them a service setting up an aromatics-only outing, just to spare them my political posts, my whinging, and my comments in general over on the ‘Collective.

People are very polite, I find again and again, but even the most patient and gentle readers deserve a break, IMHO.

So here you all go…

(and I’m serious about this being like shouting in the street… those of you who know or have met me, know that I’m actually more a shrinking violet than a shameless self-promoter.  so let’s consider this an adventure into that as well.  at least for shits and giggles, what?)